zondag 28 maart 2010

Gift from Sabiha

Yesterday Sabiha and I where at the dollshouse show in Arnhem.
Sabiha bring this beautiful gift for me

Thanks again, Sabiha

vrijdag 26 maart 2010

woensdag 24 maart 2010

the Hall

The front door.
The pictures on the wall are frontpages of the newspaper at the day I was born and my daughter.

Mercedes give me the frame.I put a picture of Baroef in it when he was little and sitting on the same cabinet the frame is on.
The door to my working room.

The beautiful clock Mercedes give me at my birthday.
Under it an old school desk.

Easter tree

With three special eggs from Liberty, daughter of Mercedes.

maandag 22 maart 2010

Just another corner

The corner near the dining table
A picture of my grandson when he was little,
the french box for hats, one of my favorits
A box with all kinds of special things.

zondag 21 maart 2010


A shelf with all kind of treasures, I love enamel, specially the blue ones...

Wall with old pictures

This wall is hanging with old pictures, the wedding picture of my parents, my grandfather and father when they where little, my grandmother when she was young.

my computer corner

This is the corner where mu computer is, in the cabinet.
You see the Attic and the easter tree.
Above the cabinet hanging the "happy memories" cabinet.
Inside are all kind of things, birthcard of my grandson, a picture of him, a picture of a dog ( Spunky) that dies a few years ago, Lotje when she was little and other cards.

zaterdag 20 maart 2010


This afternoon there was a lot off rain and thunderstorm.
My dogs are very frightened for the storm.
This picture was taken last year, but this afternoon he was sitting there again.

After all that misery, time to sleep....

vrijdag 19 maart 2010


Because I have a staircase to the garden, there is a little veranda.
In the spring and summer it is wonderful to sit on the stairs in the morning with coffee.


The garden last summer

The front of the house

In the Netherlands lives a lot of people and the country is very small, so the houses are also little.
I live in the center of the city Almere in a appartment with garden.